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Roof Replacement


Roof Replacement

High-quality roof replacements can recoup up to 68% of costs. When it comes to home improvements, they’re a great investment. But unexpectedly hearing you need a roof replacement can feel a little scary. Especially for first-time home buyers. We want our clients to feel comfortable and confident making decisions regarding their homes, so we provide robust support throughout the process. From financing options to material selection, an experienced Platinum roofing consultant walk you through step-by-step and offer expert solutions. 

Reasons for a Roof Replacement

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Significant Damage

Sudden or accidental events, like severe weather and natural disasters, that cause critical damage to your roof are typically covered by homeowners’ insurance. If you’re unsure if your roof replacement is covered, contact your insurer or review your individual policy. 


Roof Rot

Thriving in moist, poorly ventilated environments, rot-causing bacteria and fungi slowly break down  porous roofing materials, especially wood. As the rot spreads, your roof’s structural integrity is compromised, creating a severe safety hazard.


Water Damage

Minor water damage can be repaired. But if it’s gone undetected for too long (it happens a lot) the damage may be more invasive than it appears. If that’s the case, a complete replacement will reinstate your home’s structural integrity and keep you safe. 


Missing Shingles

Even a few missing shingles can render your entire roofing system ineffective. Water can enter your home through even the tiniest hole, leading to mold and water damage. Individual shingles can be replaced, but a complete replacement is needed when the problem is allowed to linger. 


Shingle Granules

Small but mighty, granules protect shingles against premature degradation from UV rays and are integral to your home’s aesthetic. Excessive granular loss leaves your roofing system vulnerable to damage and, frankly, ends up looking terrible. 


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