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Roofing Systems & Products


Commercial Roofing Systems and Materials

The commercial landscape here in the Treasure Valley is diverse, from manufacturing and retail to government projects and public works. To keep up with Boise’s burgeoning commercial market, we’re constantly working to bring you the most up-to-date commercial roofing systems, techniques, and materials. You can find our most frequently requested products below, but if you’re looking for a customized roofing solution, we can do that too. Just get in touch with our team to learn more or request a roofing estimate.  

Image by Ashkan Forouzani



Considered one of the best overall roofing materials for small to medium-sized commercial roofing projects in Idaho, asphalt shingles are easily repairable, cost-effective, and versatile. They can stand up to snow, hail, and heat, and while only class A shingles are deemed fully fire-resistant, all shingle varieties are fire-retardant to some degree. 


TPO & PVC Membrane

These membrane roof systems create a watertight seal and protect against water ingress due to standing water from melting snow or heavy rains. TPO and PVC are typically white, giving them a reflective quality that helps deflect heat, increasing your building’s energy efficiency. 


Tile Roofing

For businesses looking to add some character to their building facade, tile roofing creates a unique look that feels more residential to customers, like you’re welcoming them home. With a variety of materials like concrete, clay, and slate, you can customize the end results to suit your project needs. 



A metal roof’s lifespan can reach 70+ years, so if you only want to install one roof in your life, metal roofing is a safe bet. Although installation tends to be more expensive than other materials, minimal maintenance, durability, and energy efficiency help offset the initial cost, maximizing value in the long run.



Why are flat roofs so popular for large-scale commercial projects? There’s no need for extra framing or structural considerations. Installing a flat roof, especially on sizable industrial buildings, keeps construction costs low, maintenance minimal, and is far more practical for the purpose.



Gravel roofs, or built-up roofs (BUR), are one of the oldest commercial roofing techniques in the country. For multi-tier buildings with levels overlooking roofs below, gravel provides a more polished appearance than metal or membrane roofing systems alone. 


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