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Roof Replacement


Commercial Roof Replacement

Minor roof damage can typically be addressed with repairs, but did you know that excessive deterioration due to neglected wear and tear can void your insurance policy? Complete replacements can be the best option for a number of reasons. Whether you want to replicate the look of your existing roof or install a different product, the new warranties and materials will extend the life of your roof and renew your assets’ protection. If you’re looking for a roof replacement estimate, you can either make a bid request or meet with a Platinum commercial roofing consultant for more information about roofing with Platinum.

Reasons to Replace Your Roof



Significant Damage

There are several ways your roof can incur significant damage; severe weather, excessive wear, neglect, and shoddy installation to name a few. But regardless of what caused it, a critically damaged roof needs to be replaced to ensure your assets’ safety and protection.  


Roof Rot

Caused by leakage and poor ventilation, moisture ingress creates the ideal environment for invasive bacteria and fungi to thrive. Left untreated, rot spreads and eats away at porous materials, especially wood, leaving your roof’s structure weak and dangerous. 


Water Damage

Leaks can go undetected for months, even years, before water damage becomes visible. A breached watertight seal leaves your property vulnerable to rot and loss of structural integrity, so it’s vital to contact a certified roofing contractors at the first signs of water damage to discuss a roof replacement. 


Missing Shingles

A shingled roof is like a suit of armor. Even one missing shingle impacts the efficacy of the entire roofing system. The longer shingles are missing, the more damage can be done and before long, a complete replacement is needed. 


Shingle Granules

Granules act as a protective layer to shingles’ underlying material. Without them, shingles (and your roof) are more vulnerable to damage from the elements. If your roof is experiencing excessive granular loss, a complete replacement may be in order. 


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