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Residential Repair and Maintenance

Protecting your home begins from the top down with regular repair and maintenance. If your roof is in poor condition, insurers can void your coverage, leaving you vulnerable to hefty bills should there be an emergency. So, we recommend inspecting your roof at least once annually. Preferably in the spring after the harsh winter has passed. 

Regular inspections save you money by extending the life of your roof and mitigating minor issues before they turn into major problems. We can usually make same-day repairs for small concerns we identify during the inspection. If you want to prolong the life of your roof and get ahead of damage, get in touch with our team.

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Snow & Weather

Hail, wind, snow, and rain can do a number on your roof. Over time, even one missing shingle or cracked tile can lead to leaks and severe water damage if left untreated. Don’t put off repairs. That includes snow removal. At the first sign of damage after a big storm, call Platinum. 



When snow builds up on your roof, it’s not only heavy, but the ‘freeze and thaw’ process can lead to ice dams, which are detrimental to your roof’s drainage system and structural integrity. Clearing heavy snow off your roof prevents the threat of future water damage. 


Cracks & Shrinkage

Some roofing materials are more prone to cracks and shrinkage than others. Shrinkage can be expedited if the under layers, typically bitumen or membrane, experience prolonged exposure to heat which can then lead to cracking and blistering on the surface.  


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