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Affordable Ways to Pay

Did you know that 58% of Americans have less than $5,000 saved? Even if you have a healthy savings account, you probably don’t want to spend it on roof repairs or replacements–we’re passionate about roofing at Platinum, but we’re people too. We get it. 

To make funding and financing easier, we’ve teamed up with PROFUND, a home equity and insurance approved brokerage. Before you pick which financing option is best for you, start with a free estimate, so you have an accurate idea of how much you need to borrow.



Personal Loan

Personal loans with PROFUND are ideal for those with good credit that don’t want to use their property as collateral. While interest rates for these loans are typically higher, your home isn’t at risk if you default on payments. Plus, you have more freedom to shop around for the right lender. 


Home Equity Loan

Using a home equity loan to finance your roof repair or replacement can generally get you a better interest rate. But there are a few negatives, such as the lengthy approval process, so we recommend consulting with a professional before moving forward. 



Damage caused by weather events and accidents are covered with most homeowners’ insurance policies. However, normal wear and tear usually isn’t. That’s why we recommend regular inspections. Policies vary; review your coverage with your insurance provider often.


Financing Plans Available

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